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Apr 25, 2018 - 12:51 AM

Slam Dunk: Sendoh Akira

Name: Sendoh Akira
A.k.a.: The Genius, Ryonan's Ace Player
Age: 16- 17
Birthday: Probably February 14th
Highschool: Ryonan Highschool
Junior High: Kitazawagakuen Jr in Tokyo (source: anime slam dunk dot com)
Year: 2nd
Height: 190 cm (6'3)
Weight: 79 kg (174 lbs.)
Position: point guard (PG) & small forward (SF)
Jersey no.: 7
Shoe Brand: Converse
Voice actor: Ohtsuka Yoshitada

Family and background:
We don't know much about Sendoh's family. Somehow we believe that he's only child in a nice warm family. Despite his friendly character, charms and popularity, he seems to be a loner. Soon after he joined the Ryonan highschool team he became the ace player because of his incredible talent and abilities.

Special abilities:
Sendoh is one the most talented players in Slam Dunk. He's a good shooter, nice rebounder and also a strategist of the game. He's able to play fancy offense but also great defense to stop outstanding forwards such as Rukawa. Despite his height he's a very speedy and flexible player. Sakuragi likes to call himself the Genius, but Sendoh is called the true Genius by others.

In his first year of highschool he was a small forward and literally a scoring machine (similarity with Rukawa), but in his second year he figured the fun of passing the ball and upgraded the whole team. His sight on the game is outstanding and his senses are very high; thanks to these facts he became the excellent point guard of the team, which is quite exceptional for such a tall player. But he does his job very well and is without a doubt the ace player of Ryonan. Along with Fukuda and Uozumi they form the strongest offense of Kanagawa.

Not only is he the ace player, he's also the mental support of the team, even when things are going very wrong, they keep having faith in their star player. Sendoh is that kind of player that can bring up the best qualities in others. He's a very reliable player: when the team is behind, he'll show his scoring ability again without losing the focus on the game, always making the right decisions. It's often said that Sendoh is the true captain of Ryonan instead of Uozumi, because he has the ability to calm down the team, and also fire up and unite the team. When Uozumi retired from the game Sendoh became the new captain.

Although Ryonan lost their game vs Shohoku and also their opportunity to play in the IH competition, Sendoh was chosen one of the five best players of Kanagawa (of course). The other four were Maki, Akagi, Jin and Rukawa (of course).

Special features:
His spiky hair and ever disarming smile.

Sendoh is in contrary to most of the Slam Dunk characters a very nice and warm person. He always smiles and is friendly and modest, although he surely knows that he is a more than marvelous player. He never loses his temper and shows respect to strong players, but definitely won't give away any game! He's a fighter for victory no matter what. The only problem he might have is his lack of focus when he meets an opponent that's not very strong. His concentration is optimal when he's playing rivals such as Rukawa and Maki; such guys bring up the best in him. Although they are rivals, I believe that Rukawa and Maki truly have respect for this genius. And Sendoh is just that kind of person you can't resist, you just have to respect this guy.

But it appears that Sendoh does not care about being in time... He was late at the practice game vs Shohoku, but his honesty ("Sorry coach, I overslept.") was so disarming that Ryonan's coach simply couldn't get angry with him... He was also late at the training right after the district games.

Sendoh's biggest hobby, besides of basketball, is fishing, always alone. I think the fishing part is to relax from the tension that he has as the ace player on whom the entire team relies on. Everyone needs a time to relax, Rukawa sleeps and Sendoh fishes. (I will never understand geniuses...)

AnimeAnalyze's opinion:

Vincent: Sendoh is a true allround player, scoring and passing are definitely his most powerful skills. With these abilities Sendoh should be in the IH Championship. Too bad for him, he chose the wrong highschool to attend... Why? Why oh why did you go to Ryonan? Shohoku was bad at that time, so I don't blame him for not choosing Shohoku. But why not Kainan?! Maybe Ryonan is located closer to his favorite fishing spot or something...

Rukie: I think Sendoh is the 3rd on my favorites list. The guy is so chilling, you can't dislike him! I think I am like many Slam Dunk fans wondering how it would be if Sendoh and Rukawa were in the same team. Although they show their best play against(!) each other, I would love to see them playing as team mates and kick some asses!

Vincent: I think Ryonan, no I'm certain Ryonan is BLESSED with Sendoh. Ryonan = Sendoh , they simply can't make it without Sendoh. All they got left is a big center without brains, a point guard who loses the ball, a guard with a big mouth and a power forward who can't guard... Me too like to see Sendoh going to another highschool in Kanagawa, Shohoku would be perfect, but Kainan isn't bad either. In other words, everything is better than Ryonan.

Rukie: If only Sendoh had a better team... They had the opportunity to beat Kainan, if it wasn't for Uozumi acting so stupid. Arguing with the referee and receive his 5th foul, that's about the most stupid thing you can do as a player and Team Captain! They also had some chances agains Shohoku, but when Uozumi received his 4th foul, Ryonan's coach put him on the bench for a few minutes. Sendoh had to play offense and defense basically on his own, and moreover: he had to guard Super Rookie Rukawa. The pressure was very high en he almost broke down. The nice thing about this scene was the fact that we could finally see that Sendoh is also just a human being after all.

Vincent: Sendoh is called the Genius in the series, by experts (journalists) and other star players like Maki and Fujima. I wish Sendoh could have entered the Championship so he could show the whole country what he is capable of. Sendoh derserves a better fate than is!

Believe it or not I think he could even be a basketball coach right now :P

AnimeAnalyze's memorable moments:

Rukie: I like his rivalry with Rukawa. I believe he could be friends with Rukawa. I like the flash backs of Rukawa during Sannoh vs Shohoku: he challenged Sendoh for a one-on-one game, which ended in a tie. Sendoh told Rukawa some wise words that changed Rukawa's playing style and that made him an even better player. Sendoh played an important role in that match, although he wasn't even there.

Vincent: In the second half of Ryonan vs Shohoku, when he asks his team mates to pass him every ball. He turned back to the scoring machine again and had some really marvelous plays, everytime getting the score and a three throw. He single-handedly lifted his team and almost brought victory.

Rukie: Right before the tip off of Kainan vs Ryonan, Uozumi said to Maki: "You will hand over the 'ever winning title' today." Maki replied that Uozumi couldn't make them do so with his powers. Uozumi replied: "Not by my powers, but by the hands of our Sendoh." And all that Sendoh did was smiling and thinking this was giving him some pressure. This scene showed two things. Firstly, the trust of Sendoh's team mates in his powers and secondly, Sendoh's modesty. When Ryonan lost this game Maki shook Sendoh's hand in deep respect.

When Ryonan lost their game to Shohoku and couldn't qualify for the IH games, Maki looked at Sendoh from the grandstand and thought: "I really hoped I would see him on the national stage." It was just sad that such a marvelous player as Sendoh couldn't reach the IH games, but then on the other hand, we don't want Shohoku to lose, do we?

Vincent: His last score against Shohoku, when he jumped up with Sakuragi right behind him, Sakuragi thought he could block him, but Sendoh uses an effect lay up, the ball spins via the board in the net, while the net got strangled by the ball's spin.

All his one on one scenes vs Maki and Rukawa, those were just cool :D

AnimeAnalyze's favorite line:

Rukie: "There are different ways to play offense, and one-on-one is just one way. You haven't shown those abilities. As long as you haven't, I don't believe I'll lose to you." (to Rukawa)

"You haven't changed at all." (to Sakuragi)

"If you want to beat me, you'll have to train really hard."

(*smiles*) "Thanks a lot." (to Sakuragi who tipped the ball into his own basket)

Vincent: I got past you two. (to Rukawa and Sakuragi)